I want to save only with Smart Savings

Our Smart Savings program is the ultimate way to save money at many of the places you already shop on a regular basis. Download the App from the App Store and input your user name and password. Show the App to any of our merchants and receive at least a 10% discount on your total purchase every time you check out.

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I want to save and share with Simple Rewards

Our Simple Rewards program is an easy way to earn some extra cash. Simply share the App with other people and help them enroll. Build an organization and earn commission for each person you enroll as well as the people they enroll. Our App is so valuable that everyone can save a significant amount of money each month while earning too!

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I own a business and want to enroll as a merchant

We recruit local and national businesses that agree to give a 10% discount on the total purchase to anyone who is a Save10 member. Here is the incredible part; There is absolutely no cost to the business for registering in our program. Save10 offers guaranteed advertising to any business willing to give our members the discount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the system work and track who signs up under whom and how compensation works?

We have implemented a robust software program that assigns and tracks your Business Organization and compensation. A person must have a sponsor to enroll in the Smart Savings™ Program and the Simple Rewards™ Program. Our software tags the new enrollee to the sponsor. As an Associate you have a unique Website to share with your friends and relatives. When they enroll through your Website, our software will tag your Associate ID as the sponsor. They will be placed in your downline and you will receive commissions from the sale. Additionally, your upline will also receive commissions from your sale.

Where does the money rolling into a vacant position go?

All money rolling into a vacant position will continue to pay all upline commissions as though the position was still occupied.

When does Save10 pay commissions?

We pay all commissions by the 5th of each month. The payment includes all sales up to the last day of the month at midnight Central Time.

What does it mean to sponsor someone?

“Sponsor” refers to recruiting someone as an Associate-Customer and helping them build his or her Business Organization. Get them into the business by selling them the Product for $10 a month and then asking them to help you build your business and start their own business by becoming an Associate for $24 per year. Persons you sponsor will be in your Business Organization. You are also required to train those you sponsor, and help them understand how important it is to sell as many Customers as possible who will use the Save10 App in their everyday consumption.

How does a business sign up?

As people introduce them to the program they will go online and fill out a few simple fields at save10.com/merchants. They will then be placed in our app and on our website.

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